Canada is Latest Nation to Name a Financial Literacy Leader

Consistent with the growing trend among nations to designate a high ranking official to lead the country’s financial literacy efforts, Canada’s Minister of State has announced the appointment of the nation’s very first Financial Literacy Leader. Jane Rooney, a veteran in domestic and international financial education policy, will take the reigns as Financial Literacy Leader, […]


One-Third of Americans Have Never Checked Their Credit Report

As the annual Financial Literacy Month in the United States got underway on April 1st, the financial literacy industry is buzzing over the report that one-third of Americans have never checked their credit report or score.  In addition, another twenty-five percent have not checked their report or score in more than a year, according to […]


Financial Literacy Month Kicks Off With Great Fanfare and Success

Financial Literacy Month raises the awareness of financial literacy and its critical importance in the lives of individuals, families and the economy at large.  In all corners of the United States, corporations, non-profits, academia, foundations and other organizations and entities are encouraging people of all ages to increase their knowledge of financial education principles and […]


Financial Literacy is Essential for Financial Inclusion

Among the fastest growing segments of the financial services industry are financial literacy and financial inclusion.  But industry observers increasingly are asserting that the future growth and success of financial inclusion hinges largely on financial literacy.  Many contend that as more individuals gain greater access to traditional banking products and services by virtue of financial […]


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Libraries Partner to Tackle Financial Literacy

By FinancialCorps on April 17, 2014

In a significant move to ensure that libraries and librarians have access to essential and impartial financial education materials for consumers looking for assistance with their personal finances, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced a broad partnership with libraries, organizations, and other federal regulators such as the FDIC and the Federal Reserve Bank. To […]

“Teach Children to Save Day” Achieves Great Success

By FinancialCorps on April 14, 2014

The annual Teach Children to Save Day on April 11th was marked by broad participation and great success in advancing financial literacy awareness and in educating students on the importance of saving and money management.  For more than seventeen years, this initiative partners banks with students, who are taught important lessons about money and personal […]


Financial Literacy: Women Represent Key Constituency

By FinancialCorps on April 15, 2014

The focus on financial education for all population segments has never been so great, with corporations, NGOs, academia, foundations and governments all focused on the most effective ways in which to raise the low levels of financial literacy currently reported in many developed and developing nations. Increasingly, however, many believe that women represent among the […]

How Employers Can Stimulate Financial Literacy

By FinancialCorps on April 1, 2014

With April being Financial Literacy Month, it’s a great time for employers to roll out initiatives that can promote greater levels of financial literacy among their employees.  Financial education enthusiasts have long held that employers are among the best positioned and most influential groups that can plan a meaningful role in teaching individuals about personal […]