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FinancialCorps offers the most comprehensive financial literacy funding center. Post a grant, loan or other funding opportunity in the world’s most popular financial education funding resource.

We are committed to providing organizations with the tools they need to identify and secure funding for financial literacy programs and initiatives, while reducing the costs traditionally associated with the research and application process. In the current economic environment, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to find suitable sources of funding for their financial education programs. At the same time, foundations, agencies and other funders have been challenged in identifying successful, high potential organizations to fund.

That’s where we come in. FinancialCorps understands that funding options for large organizations are different than those for grassroots financial literacy programs. And funding sources for research initiatives, for example, vary from those supporting financial literacy training or events.

To connect the right funders with those seeking grants, loans and other financial support, we have developed the FinancialCorps Funding Center.

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