Chevrolet & Rainbow PUSH Coalition Launch National Financial Literacy Initiative

by FinancialCorps, 12 October 2015

Rainbow PUSH-2

A high profile partnership between Chevrolet and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition was unveiled in October as part of their alliance to develop and launch a series of financial literacy workshops designed to teach African American consumers about financial and investment topics that will help them develop greater levels of financial security.

The Rainbow PUSH Money Matters workshops will be held in several key cities, including Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta, and will focus on teaching practical financial information relating to college loans, effective credit management and money management.

Chevrolet is providing important financing to help underwrite the initiative, including for the creation of a highly interactive curriculum that will be taught by leading financial experts. The initiative also will develop best practices in financial education designed to empower participants in making better informed financial decisions.

You can find more information about the workshops here.

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