Financial Literacy Funding by Quebec’s AMF Surpasses $25 Million

by | 01/24/14 | Commentary, Uncategorized

Quebec’s financial sector regulatory body Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) announced its selection of six financial literacy projects that will receive funding from the Education and Good Governance Fund (EGGF), as part of AMF’s ongoing support of financial education. The funding of these programs represents just the latest in a ten year series of funded projects totaling over $25 million.

The focus of projects funded by EGGF include enhancing consumer protection and financial education, while the EGGF provides an institutional mechanism through which the AMF and other key stakeholders can conduct research and drive more effective solutions in financial literacy.

Among the more than 150 projects that have been funded by EGGF since its inception are those developed and executed by consumer associations, university researchers and public organizations that span the fields of education, finance, law, insurance, administration, governance, accounting and ethics.  Interested grant seekers can submit projects for consideration each year from March 30 to September 30, with the evaluation and selection being conducted by the Assessment Committee of EGGF.

Additional information and specific guidelines on accessing EGGF funding can be found here.

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